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No.3 shaft house stairs

My watercolor, No.3 shaft house stairs, has been accepted into the Transparent Watercolor Society Annual national show! I usually throw in some opaque color and computer work to get the composition I want, but this one is pure transparent watercolor. The composition depicts my inner conflict of wanting to see what’s inside, and acting like an adult who doesn’t injure himself climbing an obviously dangerous structure.     Copper mining website No.3 shaft house stairs - watercolor

No.3 shaft house stairs photos

Holiday Card

Renaissance Gold wanted to use their logo (Getty Images), but add a holiday theme into it. I first created three snowman related ideas, than created the final in Autodesk 3Ds Max. I used reflections instead of shadows to keep the image dark, along with complimentary violet backlighting to make the gold stand out. I also able to make the Snowmen heat-resistant. greeting card, renaissance gold

renaissance gold greeting card sketch