The Art of Watercolour

I have a 6 page article in the Art of Watercolor magazine from in the 16th issue (October-November 2014). Here is a PDF. It's fun to be in a magazine, and there is a lot of other good work in it as well. I use a lot of drafting tape and toothbrush in my work, I tried to show an example of how I use it in thew article. I always forget to mention I learned the technique from Alain Gavin, who teaches in Evanston, IL. art of watercolour page 38-39 Art of Watercolour pages 42-43 Art of Watercolour pages 40-41

Century Mine No.3

Century Mine No.3 Hoist House I have been fascinated by the copper mines up in The Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan, and this is my favorite one because it's the only one that's mostly wood. I love the exploded, deteriorated nature of it, including the fact that it's sitting quietly along a side road with no fences or signs. I mirrored the Hoist House tower on either side, because I love the repetition of it. I also enjoyed creating depth inside the big opening for the mine car.